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A Refugee Like Me – Educational Resources

This Erasmus+ funded project 'A Refugee Like Me' brought young people and their refugee peers together to discuss challenges and build policy suggestions for welcoming refugees in the UK and Europe.

Why "A Refugee Like Me"?

Europe is currently seeing the greatest refugee crisis since the Second World War. Refugees, many of them young, are seeking asylum in the EU and preferentially choosing northern European countries as their final destination, travelling though southern and eastern member states. The crisis has highlighted the differing attitudes policy stances towards migrants and referees with the EU and the Schengen area in particular. 

The purpose of this exercise is to make young people think about forced migration – becoming a refugee – through something to which they can relate to. These questions help you to facilitate the discussion and help the young people to think more deeply about the situation. They may address these on their own and you should also have other questions to ask as they come up with their own ideas.

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