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Team Ruth take on a 1/2 Marathon in Guatemala!

As Wonder's very own Community Engagement and Grant Fundraising Manager, Ruth Clark, and long-time supporter and volunteer, Ruth Gabrasadig, get ready to take on a challenging 21km race in the Guatemalan hills to fundraise for Wonder, we find out a little more about their motivation and what they look forward to the most upon arriving in Guatemala!

Ruth Gabrasadig (Left) and Ruth Clark (Right)

What motivated you to sign up to the half a marathon for Wonder?

Ruth Gabrasadig: As a student, I don’t get to travel overseas very much, and to have the opportunity to travel to a country like Guatemala, and to run a half marathon for Wonder is a once in a lifetime opportunity. I personally appreciate all the amazing work that Wonder does for women abroad. I know supporting this charity will facilitate more empowerment of women around the world.

Ruth Clark: The Impact Marathon Series offers a unique opportunity to combine running, doing good and travel. When they approached Wonder to be involved in their Guatemala event, I didn't need to think twice.

Have you ever been involved in a charity run before?

RG: No I haven’t - super scared and excited!

RC: As a teenager, I ran in the local 5K Race For Life with my mum a few times. I’ve done a few 10k races before as well. This will be my first half-marathon and also my first time running in a tropical country.

What's your training regime like?

RG: I use a training app to run roughly 4 times a week – I usually run in the morning around my local park and high street. It has been quite intensive recently, and I’m running distances I didn’t even know were possible!

RC: To be honest...minimal! I used to run quite regularly but I fell out of the habit after being injured. I have been doing what I can but I know the half marathon will definitely be challenging. I have the basic running fitness there already, so I’m hoping the race day atmosphere, scenery and team spirit will spur me on.

What are you most excited about when you get to Guatemala?

RG: I am most excited to see all the volcanos, mountains and other amazing landscapes. I’m looking forward to experiencing a new culture and having the opportunity to get away from the cold English climate!

RC: Since joining Wonder Foundation in 2016, the project in Guatemala has been one of my favourite ones to work on. I am really looking forward to meeting the team there face to face and getting to know the students. I have a real love for Latin America and have worked and travelled there a lot. I've never been to Guatemala so I'm looking forward to getting to know the culture, the food and the people... and yes, definitely the weather too!

Good luck to Team Ruth on their half marathon. Although we can't be there to cheer you along, we'll be thinking of you both and cheering for you in our hearts on the 11th of March! If you haven't had a look at their sponsorship page, please do. Donations big or small are all welcome and don't forget to forward to friends and family!