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Ujunwa, student at Lantana College, Nigeria.

Ujunwa never thought she would be able to continue her studies at Latana College after her parents’ health deteriorated, and her father became visually impaired in one eye. The little money her parents saved from selling provisions and corn meal all went towards their medical bills.

Breaking Tradition

Although her parents could not afford to send her two brothers to university, they refused to succumb to societal expectations of marrying Ujunwa off at an early age after her secondary education.

“People expected my father to resort to giving me out for an early marriage but instead he decided to send me to study at Lantana College.”

An Unforeseeable Future 

The recent financial struggles as result of her parents’ health problems forced Ujunwa’s father to inform the school of his inability to pay the fees. This caused a lot of anxiety, as Ujunwa was not sure what her future prospects looked like.

“Initially when all these problems started, I was afraid I might have to drop out from school.”

Providing Opportunities through Scholarships

With support from Wonder Foundation, Ujunwa was awarded a scholarship to help ease the financial burden of her education, allowing her to progress to her second year of college and pursue her dreams!

“Thanks to the scholarship I was granted, I can continue my education in Lantana and help my family solve some of their financial problems, especially their health problems.”

You can continue to empower more girls like Ujunwa through education by supporting Wonder Foundation today.