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Vicky, trainee nurse at ISSI, DRC

An uncertain future

Coming from a large family with nine siblings, Vicky wasn’t sure what her future path looked like as she simply did not have the means to continue with her studies.

"I am the fourth in a family of nine siblings. After earning my diploma, I didn’t know what to do because I didn’t have the means to continue my studies.”

A scholarship to train as a nurse

After being offered a scholarship, Vicky is now on her way to train as a nurse at ISSI, something she is looking forward to.

“I was offered a scholarship, and I am now starting my classes.”

Showing gratitude by doing her best

Vicky is extremely grateful for the opportunity of continuing with her studies and feels indebted to those who have made this a reality. She strives to do her very best as a way of showing gratitude for this opportunity.

“I am indebted to the people that make it possible for young women like me to continue their studies. I think I will like studying nursing, and I intend to do my best in gratitude for this opportunity."

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