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Announcing our Amazing 'Who Belongs?" Conference Lineup

Saturday, November 4, 2017

In a thought-provoking and interesting day conference, you will hear from experts and leaders in policy-making and research on migration and integration.

As young people, you will have the chance to interact with experts in the field, and look closely into local, national and European-level policies that are geared toward fostering integration and solidarity with migrants. We also have delegations from Slovenia and Spain! This is your chance to meet with young people from across Europe! Book here!

N.B. Travel grants are offered to those coming further that 6 miles will be reimbursed if you provide receipts. This conference is funded by Erasmus +

Our Speakers: 

(More to be confirmed)

Dr Jennifer Sheehy-Skeffington, LSE Psychology

An Assistant Professor at the LSE, Jennifer is a social psychologist whose interest lies in the psychology of intergroup relations, from the perspective of social dominance theory. Her current research investigates the psychological impact of experiencing low socioeconomic status at times of rising inequality. Whilst working with international organisations like the UNDP, she is also elaborating on the implications of her work for alleviation of poverty at the domestic and international level.

Dr Isabel Shutes, LSE Social Policy

Also a professor at the LSE, Isabel’s focus ranges from citizenship, migration, transnationalism to social policies. In particular, she is interested in the intersection of migration and social policy, inequalities related to citizenship and immigration status and the implications for rights and access to work, care and social provisions. Her research projects deal with civil society responses to the “refugee crisis” in Greece, and examining poverty and disadvantage among migrant children in the UK.

Gracie Bradley, Liberty

As a Policy and Advocacy Officer at Liberty, Gracie leads their work to oppose the government’s “hostile environment” policies on immigration. She has worked extensively in casework, research and policy across NGOs helping survivors of torture and working migrants navigate UK’s immigration system. In the past, she has also trained public officials and third sector workers to use the Human Rights Act in their day to day work.

Dermot Bryers, English for Action

Dermot is the CEO of English for Action, a charity that provides ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) classes across London. These classes help participants to learn the language and skills needed to transform their lives and communities for the better. Dermot has extensive experience working in the social sector. He has, in the past, been a community organiser for London Citizens, and as a campaigns consultant for ActionAid.

Marion Osieyo

Marion is an international development professional specialising in global governance and the Sustainable Development Agenda. She has previously been an advisor to government administrations and international organisations on development policy, like the UK Department for International Development. In addition, she has also been involved in work with civil society organisations to promote social and economic development in South-East Asia, West Africa, and Europe.

Sagal Bafo

Sagal is a project manager for the Anti Tribalism Movement, a Somali non-profit organisation that aims to educate and raise awareness about the effects of tribalism within communities. She has a history of working in the civic and social organisation industry, having been a part of projects with organisations like Restless Development and the Hawa Abdi Foundation in Somalia.

Gosia Shannon

Gosia is the main coordinator at the Polish and Eastern European Christian (PEEC) Family Centre, where she works with vulnerable populations, like the elderly, the poor, young mothers with their children, and broken families. PEEC aims to bring together people from diverse communities and provide support, in order to help communities grow and develop together.

Download a poster here! ​WHO BELONGS POSTER.pdf